From post-treat grins and sly winks to couch cuddles and car rides, Photopetrix captures the rare moments; the unspoken bonds between human and pet.
As well as snapping photos that preserve the unique spirit of your furry, scaley and feathery babies, we make sure to keep all shoots as zen as possible, that means giving your pet the freedom to frolic in spaces that they find most comfortable, whether that’s a local park or the safe haven of their bed.
Not only do we have heaps of professional and personal photography experience (the man behind the lens Mark Boyle loves nothing more than taking candids of his rescue cats Cosy and Cracker), but we also place emphasis on high quality photographs tailoring our style to suit the star of your family, resulting in a collection that celebrates every facet of their goofy souls.
So if you’re game for a shoot for your pet or just keen to chat about how awesome they are, drop us a line here.
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